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«TransEuroCom» LLC as telecommunication Company was founded in June, 2004.



  The company operating  as a telecommunication operator on the base of licenses issued by the Ministry of Economy of Azerbaijan;

  • License №091140- Provision of telecommunication channels services.
  • License №091141- Provision of telephone services.


Blood January

28 years pass since 20 January tragedy written in blood to Azerbaijan’s independence history

The massacre committed against the civilian population, who struggled...

Happy New Year !

Happy New Year. Wishing you health and welth and all the best that life can give...

Khodjaly genocide

One of the most horrible tragedies, which Azerbaijan experienced in the 20th century, is the Khojaly genocide. It is like the genocides committed in Khatyn, Lidisia, Oradur reflected in the...

Blood January

20 January 1990 is a day, which went down in history of the struggle for the freedom and territorial integrity of Azerbaijan, as a heroism page. Leading of the battle divisions of the Soviet army...