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30 years pass since 20 January tragedy written in blood to Azerbaijan’s independence history

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The Armenia-Azerbaijan conflict is the old­est ongoing conflict in the post-Soviet area. While the root causes of the conflict lie in the centuries-long Armenian historical territorial claims against Azerbaijan, in early 1988 Armenians started aggressive actions against Azerbaijan to implement the long-standing plan to unilaterally secede Nagorno-Karabakh from Azerbaijan and annex it to Armenia. In late 1991 and early 1992, armed hostilities and Armenian attacks on Azerbaijan intensified. Khojaly, a town in the Nagorno-Karabakh region with a total area of 940 square kilometres and a population before the conflict of 7,000, mostly Azerbaijanis, became the target of one of these operations.

From October 1991, the town was entirely surrounded by Armenian forces. On 30 October, ground traffic was cut off and helicopters became the only means of transportation. When a civilian helicopter was brought down over the city of Shusha, killing 40 people, helicopter traffic also ceased. From January 1992, the town had no electricity. Khojaly lived on due to the courage of its people and the heroism of its defenders.

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Congratulate you on the Novruz holiday from the bottom of our heart, wish each one you a spring mood, good health and happiness on this holiday.

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10 minə yaxın abunəçisi olan TransEvroKom şirkətinin bugünkü fəaliyyəti və gələcək planları haqqında şirkətin baş direktoru Qismət İbrahimov Xəbərlə saytına müsahibə vermişdir.

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Now for telephone services can be paid in all branches of the bank and post offices

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According to the result of the contest conducted by the magazine “CONSULTİNG & BUSINESS“ , on the outcome of the 2014 Telecommunications Company  “TransEuroCom“ elected - “Telecommunication Company of the Year“

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